For some courses, in addition to assignments, you might have a mid-semester test and an end of semester examination at a designated examination centre (for example, a UWIDEC or UWI site) in your country. Some courses may have an alternative to the final examination, such as a major project/action research.

Distance examinations

The examinations set for distance students are not always the same as those set for face-to-face students. In certain cases, they may differ for logistical reasons, but course coordinators make sure that standards are not compromised in any way. When writing an examination, you should ensure that the examination paper is the one prescribed for distance students.

Steps to take before an examination

1.         Collect your examination card from your centre; it will show your full name, your ID number and the courses for which you are registered to write examinations. You should immediately report any discrepancies on your examination card to your Head of the University Centre/Site Coordinator.

2.         Check the examination schedule at your site or at the Campus Registry, and enter the date(s) and time(s) of your examination(s) on the card (A candidate shall not write anything on the Examination card except the examination timetable). All written examinations are scheduled for the morning, afternoon, or the evenings and are two or three hours in length. In some exceptional cases, examinations may be scheduled on public holidays. It is your responsibility to make sure of the dates, times and venues of the examination(s) for which you are registered. Students are advised that
in no circumstance should reliance be placed on any oral communication of the timetable. The timetable will be published in an appropriate location. No member of academic staff is authorized to communicate timetable information to you.

3.         Arrive for your examination at least fifteen minutes prior to its scheduled start (candidates arriving late will NOT be allowed extra time) and present your examination and identification card to the invigilator. Retain your examination card for presentation at all later examinations.

Writing examinations at another site/campus

If you are unable to write examinations at your own site, you must formally make a request to write them at another location. To do this, write to the Assistant Registrar of Examinations, of your campus of registration, through your Head of the University Centre/Site Coordinator. This should be done at least four (4) weeks prior to the date of the particular examination. You will be required to pay a fee of US$20.00 for this service.

Absence from examinations

When you register at the beginning of the semester for any course in a Faculty, you are at the same time registering to be examined for that course. If you register for a course and do not take the examination you will be recorded as fail/absent (FA).

Please note however, that the Examination Regulations for First Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates state:

Any student who, having registered for a course and examination, fails to take the examination shall be deemed to have failed the examination unless the relevant Academic Board shall approve otherwise on the recommendation of the relevant Faculty Board.

Absence from examinations as a result of illness

You must request permission for absence from an examination because of illness; however, you must support your request with a medical certificate submitted through the Head of the University Centre/Site Coordinator to the Campus Registry within seven days from the date of the examination in which your performance is affected. The medical certificate should give brief details of the nature of the illness without breaching medical ethics.

The Examination Regulations for First Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates state inter alia that:

      (i)   If the performance of a candidate in any part of any examination is likely to have been
affected by factors of which the examiners have no knowledge, the candidate may
report the circumstances in writing to the Campus Registrar. If the candidate decides
to report such circumstances, he/she must do so within seven days of that part of the
examination, which may have been affected.

     (ii)    In cases of illness the candidate shall present to the Campus Registrar (or in the case
of candidates in the Non-Campus Countries in either Distance mode or TLIs through
the Head of University Centre/Site Coordinator) a medical certificate, as proof of illness, signed by the University Health Officer or by any other medical practitioner approved for this purpose by the University. The candidate shall send the medical certificate to the Campus Registrar within seven days from the date of that part of the examination in which the performance of the candidate is affected. A certificate received after this period will be considered only in exceptional circumstances.

     (iii)   Where in the opinion of the medical adviser concerned a student is unable to submit
a medical certificate himself/herself, the medical adviser may do so on his/her behalf,
within the prescribed time.

If you cannot report your special circumstance to the relevant Campus Registrar /UWIDEC Registrar, the Board of Examiners shall NOT take cognisance of, nor give consideration to it.

Notification of examination results

Students are notified of examinations results through the students’ online system.

Dissatisfaction with final examination results

You may appeal for a review of examination grades and/or for re-marking of examination scripts by paying the appropriate fee (currently US$65.00) and forwarding it, as a cheque or bank draft, along with the appropriate form, through your Head of the University Centre/Site Coordinator to the Campus Registrar. The fee is required, only, in the event that a re-mark is requested. Here is an extract from the relevant regulations governing the review of examination results:

       (i) A student who is dissatisfied with the results of his/her examination should report
his/her dissatisfaction in writing to the Campus Registrar. Such a report must be
made, in the case of the First Semester, by the first Friday of the Second Semester
or within five days of the issuing of grade slips whichever is later. In the case of the
Second Semester such a report must be made within five weeks of the issuing of
grade slips, and in the case of Supplemental/Summer School or Resit Examinations
within five days of the issuing of grade slips. For Distance Education, NCC and
TLI students may communicate their dissatisfaction in writing through the Resident
Tutor or TLI/DE Site Coordinator by the deadline above.

(ii) The Campus Registrar shall forward the student’s report to the Dean of the Faculty

(iii) The student may request:
 (a) to go through his/her FAILED script with the Examiner; and/or
(b) to have his/her script(s) re-marked.

Note: (iii) (a) applies to FAILED courses only.

Please note that the options requested at (a) and (b) must be clearly stated; i.e. whether a go through or a remark is being requested.

In the case of the re-marking of a script under Regulations 118, the mark of the new and independent examiner(s) shall be regarded as the final mark.

Remark of mid-semester examinations/coursework results

The Examination Regulations for First Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates state that:

Re-marking shall not apply to coursework which counts for 60% or less of the total
assessment of the course and when such coursework consists of more than one piece,
none of which individually exceeds 40% of the total assessment provided that where
a single piece of coursework counts for more than 40%, re-marking shall be allowed
for that piece.

Examinations only

Students may seek permission from the Dean of the relevant Faculty* to register to write “Examinations ONLY” in course(s) without attending classes, in the following circumstances:-

(a)  He/she has failed one or two of the final courses needed to complete the degree/certificate/ diploma requirements and obtained a mark as prescribed by the respective faculty regulations.

(b)  He/she has obtained a medical excuse, certified by the UWI Medical Officer, for not having attempted an exam;

(c)  In exceptional circumstances, the Dean may grant a student deferral for special assignments overseas for an employer (part-time students only) or by virtue of being selected to represent the country on a national team. In both instances, formal representation will have to be made by the employer/national association.

NOTE: Examinations only is marked out of 100%

* With respect to (a) above students in the Faculty of Social Sciences should have gained a mark of 35% or above in the failed course to be considered for examinations only.
If you meet (a) and (b) then you can apply for a re-sit of ‘examinations only’ by writing to the Dean of the relevant Faculty. Send your letter through your Head of the University Centre/Site Coordinator to the Examinations Registrar/UWIDEC Registrar at Cave Hill, the Distance Education and Outreach Officer, St. Augustine, or to the Assistant Registrar, Examinations, at the Mona Campus.

If permission is granted, you will be advised in writing and will need to pay the requisite fee, which is ¼ of the regular course fee, i.e. US$62.50.

Withholding of results

You should note that even if permission is granted to sit an examination where fees are outstanding, results will be suppressed until the outstanding balance is cleared. Graduation certificates shall also be withheld under the same circumstances.


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