Undergraduate course fees

The cost of a three-credit course for this certificate programme is US$300.00. This covers the cost of materials (except textbooks if required), and examinations.

Late registration fee

Students registering after the deadline date given for registration in any semester will be charged a late registration fee of USS$15.00 up to one week after the deadline for registration. If registration is allowed after this date, a late fee of US$25.00 will be charged.

Fee for writing examinations only

If you have been granted permission to sit examinations only, the cost is US$45.00 per three credit course. For more information on sitting examinations only, please refer to the section on Examinations.

Fees for writing examinations at another site/campus

If you have been granted permission to write examinations at a site other than the one you are registered at, there is an administrative cost of US$20.00 for this service.

Additional fees

In addition to the course fees, there may be ‘small fees’ for your identification card, computer laboratory use and/or UWI caution fee.

Fee penalties

You should note that in accordance with Examination Regulation, 61(iii) and (iv) late fees are charged for failure to collect examination cards by the stated deadline. In addition, a cost is levied for failure to produce examination cards at a prescribed examination. There is also a fee that is levied for failure to produce your ID card at an examination.


Students voluntarily withdrawing from a UWI distance education programme will be entitled to refunds as follows:

  • Withdrawal up to the end of the first week of teaching – 100% of course fee
  • Withdrawal up to the end of the second week of teaching – 75% of course fee
  • Withdrawal up to end of the third week of teaching – 50% of course fee
  • Students withdrawing after this period will NOT be entitled to a refund


A refund may be given following the official granting of Leave of Absence. You should write a letter to the Campus Bursar through your Head of the University Centre/Site Coordinator. You should include a copy of the permission letter you received from the University and a copy of your receipt for the relevant fees paid. The time frame for refunds for leave of absence is the same as the deadlines mentioned above for voluntarily withdrawal.

Please note the following:

1. Failure to pay fees by the specified deadline could result in de-registration.

2. Course fees are subject to change from time to time as mandated by the University.

3. All fees must be paid by cheque or bank draft and made payable to the University of the West Indies.

   Fees must be sent to:

   The University of the West Indies
   Distance Education Centre
   Cave Hill Campus
   P.O. Box 64

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