Award Of Certificate

The Certificate in Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment seeks to enhance the regional response to the challenges associated with substance abuse through training and the development of a lasting network of professionals in this field, thereby improving the environment and the quality of care and service for their clients and benefactors.

Programme structure

The Certificate in Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment consists of 10 courses. Each course is equivalent to 3 credits totaling 30 credits. To qualify for the Award of the Certificate students will be required to successfully complete all 10 courses. Students will also be required to complete the Programme in a minimum of one and a maximum of two academic years.

Individual Courses

The Programme will also offer the certificate courses as individual three (3) credit courses. Prospective students for individual courses are expected to:

  • Have good written and verbal communication skills
  • Be computer literate and have regular access to a computer
  • Have good time management skills
  • Be self-disciplined and motivated to complete the curriculum in a timely manner
  • Be in an area of work that will facilitate the opportunity to utilize the information gained following the completion of a course or group of courses


Assessment and allocation of marks

Assessment of performance in this Programme is continuous, and includes evaluation of projects, coursework and examinations.

The allocation of marks for each course is as follows:

            Course work                 40%
            Written examinations  60%


A student fails to complete the Programme for any of the following reasons:

  1. Failure to acquire a total of 30 credits
  2. Failure to acquire the appropriate number of credits in a particular component of the Programme
  3. Failure to complete the Programme within three consecutive semesters of first registration
  4. Being found guilty of a misdemeanour (for example, plagiarism or cheating in examinations) by the appropriate University Board.

A student enrolled in the Certificate in Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment will be asked to withdraw from the Programme if he/she has not gained:

            9 credits by the end of semester 1
            21 credits by the end of semester 2
            30 credits by the end of the summer semester

Certificate request

How do I obtain my certificate after having completed my programme?

Regulation 3. states that: After the Board for Undergraduate Studies has on behalf of the Senate of the University approved the Pass List, a Certificate for each Degree, Diploma or Certificate under the Seal of the University shall be delivered at a graduation ceremony or forwarded to each successful candidate on written request to the relevant Campus Registrar.


"To prevent disease, to relieve suffering and to heal the sick - this is our work." - Sir Willian Osler